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If you are interested in buying consumer mailing lists, try our Consumer Master File residential mailing list. It is targeted towards all consumers, based on age, gender, income, and many other selects. You have everything you need here to create your ideal prospect. Start with a comprehensive, accurate database, continuously cleaned and maintained. Choose from all of these selections to produce a custom list that delivers your offer to the person who is most likely to be interested in it.

Let us help take the chill out of cold calling with an effective call list. Despite the Do-Not-Call laws today, telemarketing lists are still performing well for many industries. 100% “Scrubbed” telephone numbers provided—very high quality, updated, cleaned continuously, and scrubbed against the Do-Not-Call Registry monthly. Also includes name, address, and many demographic enhancements. See Consumer Lists to specify demographic and geographic criteria.

Start from our Master File of over 18 million businesses nationwide, and target to your specific needs. Updated and maintained continuously to reach the most complete and updated businesses available today. Select Business Owners, Presidents, CEOs of small or large businesses. Select by Size of Business, Sales Volume Type of Business, Years in Business, Gender and more. Take out Yellow Pages, Business white pages and government directories. Keep and many more. The Business Database is compiled from a variety of sources, such as D&B, Financial and Company publications, Annual Business Reports, and many more.

A great opportunity to reach New Movers from out of the area. Monthly hotlines available, or additional selects on Homeowners who have been in their home less than 1 year.

Reach current and former military enhanced with many demographic selections such as age, income, home value and much more.

Reach wealthy 401K/IRA Rollover, Estate Planning Prospects, 529 Prospects and many, many more!

Targeting individuals based on Ethnicity can be highly effective in making a connection. Dozens of different ethnicities  and countries available to choose from. Mostly derived from surname software overlays, and well as self reported data and many other sources. May overlay demographic and geographic enhancements as well.

Whether you are targeting teachers, doctors, nurses, attorneys, and dozens of other professions available, we have the list you’re looking for. This can also be overlaid with additional demographics.

You name it, we can probably find it for you! Some more popular requests include: New Movers, New Homeowners, Doctors, Attorneys, Teachers, Specific Magazine Subscribers, Catalog Buyers, and much, much more! The prices and quantities vary greatly here. Too many to list—literally thousands available…If you have something in mind, just ask!

Select all households, 100% Walk Sequence, Saturation Qualified. When you need to saturate all households and/or businesses in a specifically defined geographic area, this gets you the highest level of address saturation and best postal discounts. These are much less expensive than other lists, since they do not have the person’s name; it simply reads “Resident”, “Occupant”, or you can name slug something if desired, such as “Neighbor” or “Pizza Lover”.

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