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Customer Testimonial

  • Last year I purchased a list from Affinity that I have used to conduct seminars for prospective clients. As a result of sending seminar invitations to the selected individuals on the list I have opened up several new accounts, added new households to our branch, and transferred over more than 1 million dollars of new assets. Including one prospect whom is now a client that has another 2 million dollars of investable assets that we are in the process of consolidating. Every time I have called Affinity they have been so helpful and willing to help.

    Jason HaddixEdward Jones Financial Adviser
  • I am thankful for the Suzy Jolley’s services at Affinity Marketing. I have built my business through door knocking (face to face) contacts. Her lists have assisted me to focus my energies on specific areas. I take the lists from Affinity and import them into Microsoft’s Street and Trips. This provides a map with “pushpins” where all reside. Quite a handy tool.
    Recently, I purchased a list to enable me to work a “no-solicitation” neighborhood through mail. My first round of letters brought in over $450,000 of new monies and I have notice that another $300,000 is enroute as well. Also, to build on this success the person that came in from the mail sent in a referral with another $300,000. I meet again with him next week to begin the investing process.
    Suzy’s services are great for this work. One must still get out and beat the street, it’s just nicer to know which streets to “beat”.

    Jon H RoelofsEdward Jones Financial Adviser
  • After reading reviews and asking other financial advisors who they suggest contacting to purchase a prospect list, Affinity Marketing was highly recommended. Your company has a long history with Edward Jones for providing quality information at a competitive price. I am extremely impressed with the accuracy of the information purchased and the ease of doing business with your company. I would definitely refer you to other Financial Advisors who are interested in growing their business.

    Clark WirthEdward Jones Financial Adviser

Affinity Marketing has been endorsed by Edward Jones and Wells Fargo Advisors as a 'Preferred Vendor' since 1994.